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ESD process change for fraud victims

ESD shared that the process is slightly different for those of who are victims of unemployment imposter fraud and those who are not. The process is now the same for everyone but still a little confusing. Get ready for a lot of dates.

Please try to apply before July 3

ESD wants to know quickly if — despite their efforts — your eServices account is still locked because of fraud. If you try to apply and can’t, please send an email to DOL’s SharedWork Representatives before July 3.

DOL will send your name to ESD and they will clear your way to apply. This process might delay your ability to apply but shouldn’t delay your payment — as long as you apply and submit your first weekly claim before July 11. However, if you happen to be out on leave and apply after July 11, you can still apply for your furlough days retroactively and you will not be subject to a waiting week.

ESD will notify you when your account is unlocked so you don’t have to keep checking. Expect to receive ESD message around July 9. It will come from an address.

If your eServices account is open and you can apply right away Please apply and submit your first weekly claim before July 11.

How to apply

You must complete 3 steps to get unemployment benefits:

  1. Create a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account in order to access ESD’s eServices. This step is not covered in the webinars described below. Note: some of you already might have a SAW account if you’ve used government services before (for example: renewing your driver’s license online). If you already have a SAW account, this step is done!
  2. Apply for unemployment benefits.
  3. Submit weekly claims each week you want to receive a payment. Furloughs start the week of June 28; July 5 is the first day you can submit a weekly claim. The usual “waiting week” will not apply to you.

Your payments will be retroactive

If your first furlough day is during the week of June 28 to July 4 but you can’t apply for benefits because your account is locked, enter a start date of June 28 for your claim — no matter when you successfully submit your application. After you apply, you’ll immediately be able to submit your first weekly claim(s) for whatever weeks have passed. The computer system will show you.

Get help creating a SAW account

Get help completing the application and your weekly claims

ESD staff are hosting lots of one-hour webinars to walk you through the process of applying and submitting weekly claims. The reviews are excellent! You can also download the slide deck.

DOL has assigned SharedWork Representatives. These staff are trained to answer your questions or know where to get the answers.

First letter of last name Your representative Contact information
A – G Mardi Braymen 360-902-4061 or Skype
H – O Kimberleigh Amarige 360-902-4003 or Skype
P – Z Tanessa Sestito 360-902-4045 or Skype

Thank you for your patience as we try and lead you through this process. We know it’s stressful. Please know that we’re doing everything we can to help.