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Vehicle licensing offices

Many vehicle and vessel licensing offices (VLOs) are providing services in person, online, and by mail during the COVID-19 pandemic. VLOs handle:

  • Vehicle registrations, tabs and license plates.
  • Boat registrations and decals.
  • Reports of sale.
  • Transfer of ownership.
  • Trip permits.
  • Replacement titles.
  • Disabled parking placards or tabs.

In most cases you can renew your registration online or by mail. If you need to renew in person, it’s a good idea to check a VLO’s status and call ahead.

Service updates

Title transfers

You can transfer a title in person. You should call ahead to find an office to assist you. If you’re unable to transfer a title within 15 days for COVID-19-related reasons, we will waive the late fee.

Moving to Washington or registering your first vehicle

You must have a valid Washington driver license to register your vehicle for the first time in Washington. While our driver licensing offices are closed, you won’t be able to:

  • Get a first-time Washington driver license, or
  • Obtain initial registration for your vehicle.

Visit a vehicle licensing office to request a temporary registration permit. This will allow you to legally drive.

Dealer permits

If you have an expiring temporary dealer permit and you can’t get license plates from the dealership, you can request a temporary registration permit from a vehicle licensing office. You may need to request these permits multiple times, depending on how long dealerships are closed.

We continue to look for ways to provide essential services while following the governor’s directives. We appreciate your feedback and patience with inconveniences during this challenging time.